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Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Hi! I am currently enjoying some days off before I go back for 4 in a row Wednesday. All is well in the Pierce household. Brad has been his usual lovable self and amazes me everyday with all of the new things he learns and does. I am in the beginning stages of planning his TWO year bday bash and I can't wait!

I am sorry to say that I am overwhelmingly behind on my scrapbooking. I don't think I've done past Halloween. I have them all printed out, and I have the paper/stickers to do it....just not the time right now!! I am currently occupied with a big custom T-shirt order, and after that is done I plan on sewing up some birthday/holiday shirts for family. THEN maybe I can get to the pictures before it is Halloween again!

I have recently seen some good deals on canvas prints. Here is one deal I found for an 8x10 canvas print for 17.99 online. I ordered two and hung them in my stairwell:

If I had waited just a few days, I could have used the amazing pictures in the park my friend Jennifer took! But speaking of....I also found another deal for a 16x20 canvas for only $45! I couldn't resist! I ordered one of Nick and I kissing and plan on sticking it on my mantel--possibly joining it with the other two canvases from the stairwell for a nice effect.

My dear hubby's graduation celebration continues! Since he graduated during a Fall semester, his actual Commencement ceremony is May 13th. Tonight was a pinning ceremony at the college that we attended with a small banquet afterward.

That's my college boy! He saw some friends he had classes with and made some *hopeful* contacts for potential job leads. I've told him he needs to hold out for a good job in his field instead just some whatever job. It would be pointless to get a crappy job just to say he "has a job", and in turn spend whatever he makes on daycare for Brad while I am working/sleeping. God has a plan for him and it may take awhile but we have faith!

Here is my love's graduation invitation that I designed and had printed for our friends and family! I could not find any premade ones that I liked on the internet that let me put my own wording in, so I thought--hey I'll just make my own! I think it turned out pretty spiffy, and Nick requested the black/white colors.

In other news, I have begun the process of refreshing our deck! I have a $1000 budge set aside for it (although I am anticipating it costing much less) to get most of the wood replaced, then restain the whole thing. I already had one person come out for an estimate, and have two more scheduled for this week. Just in time for summer pool parties!

My flowers and plants that I put in recently are all doing very well! My tomato plant has a few blooms, and the tomato seeds I planted are all sprouting!! The grass seed I planted almost 2 weeks ago is also sprouting very nicely in much needed places. I fertilized last week so hopefully we start seeing the results of that soon.

I just want to end with another story about my little man. Tonight before his bath he was full of energy and bouncing off the walls so we put our shoes on and went for a walk around the block! I have never taken him on a regular walk--he has always either been in the stroller or ended up being carried. But this time he walked AND held my hand the whole way!! The route I take is a big square that I would estimate at half a mile. He didn't whine or fuss at all until just at the end when we got to in front of our house. But we burned that energy right off :)


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  1. Your canvas pics are lovely! I agree with you on putting all 3 on the mantel. Should look real nice there. Yes, lil B is growing so quickly. And maturing. At my house tonite, he was babbling up a storm! I kept saying to him "say what?". He just kept on and on! So cute! Love your blog, as usual...♥


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