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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Starting New Things

Such a busy week, but what fun it has been! Sunday evening I took Brad with me to mumsy's house for a few hours. He had a great time seeing his Nonni and Papa, and of course playing with the dogs. There was one snafu where the boy dog bit Brad's finger so we will have to watch him closer!

Brad got to sit at the table like a big boy eating snacks while he watched us play Scrabble! Not just any Scrabble, but the vintage one that I grew up with my parents playing. It is all fancy-like on a turntable and everything! It's our new favorite thing! So to all of the kids playing "Words with Friends" on your high-tech phone--this is the real thing! Reminds me of wannabe's who are "masters" of Guitar Hero but they can't do anything with a real guitar, ha! My hubby plays the real thing, and I'm his biggest fan.

Monday was my first day of orientation at my new job. I got up at the butt crack of dawn (not easy to do for a night-shifter) and sat on my rear for 10 hours watching videos and listening to speakers. Got my badge, parking decal, etc....took tests, made friends...and was very glad for the day to be done! I didn't have plans for dinner since I knew it would be a late night.

We decided to go out to dinner but instead of bringing our little one, we fed him at home then dropped him off at his new daycare for the very first time! He was the only child there (it was around 7pm) but I think that was a good thing so that he didn't get sensory overload on his first visit. He had two awesome girls playing with him the whole time. After an hour we picked him up and he threw his puzzle pieces down then ran to us! They said he did great, and we got a "Daily Activity" form that they filled out for what he ate and when they changed his diaper!

Today was day 2 of orientation for me, but it was only 2 hours of lecture thankfully! I stopped by mom's for some midday coffee (and Scrabble) then came home and made lunch for the fam. Little boy was very happy to see his momma after he got up from his nap! In a bit we are all going to the store, then to the city for some errands.

Tomorrow I have NO plans! Except that it is my dear father's birthday and we are taking him out to a new Italian restaurant here in Norman. Little Brad will get to go to his daycare (or "school" as everyone else calls it) for a short bit again. Thursday I have 4 more hrs of orientation, then will begin orienting in my unit for 4 hours. And of course, I work Friday and Saturday nights as usual! Let the madness commence!



  1. The way you write things sometimes just cracks me up! So glad everything is going great in your life now. Don't get so many friends that you forget about me!!! Really don't want to have to "rent" a place to have girl's nite. We need to try to keep it under 15. Don't you think so? Whew!!! Excited about the recipe exchange and what everybody is going to cook up next week for us all to sample!!!!!

  2. Don't you love that new school/daycare concept you are now involved in - a friend of mine has 3 small children & her husband is a pediatrician in Lawton & she uses one like that in Edmond sometimes. They seem to be so much more detailed in the care of the children - more client based conscious than the regular school/daycare atmosphere.



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