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Saturday, March 12, 2011

A Long-Overdue Reunion!

Before I get to the reunion, I wanted to show you the hat I custom made for a newborn's first photo shoot! Hopefully I'll be able to get some pics from it and see it in action.

On to the reunion...

Many moons ago, my parents attended a church called Walker Avenue Baptist church on the south side of OKC. After I was born, I basically grew up going to that church with the same group of people. This was a very small church--maybe 50 members every Sunday--that started my love of small churches.

When I was still pretty young my parents and brothers quit going, but I continued to go until the day the church closed in about 1997 and became a Mexican church. I have a lot of great memories there and I am happy to see that it is at least still in use, albeit a tad broken down.

The pastor that I grew up with there--Brother James--left in the mid 90's but I tracked him down in 2004 for our vow renewal ceremony. He and his wife are moving next week to Colorado so it was very nice to see them one last time! Several of my childhood friends were there, and now everyone is all grown up! We had a great time.

(Keep in mind the walls were white when I went there...)

^My childhood best friend Damon

^The nursery where I used to play

^The altar where I took my first communion

^The board where my dad ran the sound system

^The best pastor ever, Bro. James and his wife Barbara!

Tomorrow I was going to have a garage sale but I am just exhausted from everything I've been doing and my lack of sleep. So I'm postponing it until later on, and I am going to RELAX tomorrow. Of course, I'm sure I'll still do grocery shopping, crocheting, dishes....



  1. Great blog pics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Had such a wonderful day! The crocheted hat is adorable! You did good♥

  2. Mary Neal (in the red) is behind Bro. James and Don Everett is to the right of Barbara....


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