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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Enjoying my Boys!

I want to start off by paying my respects to Garrison White. He passed away early Sunday morning and we attended his funeral today. He is now in Heaven with his wife Ella! Nick has lost both of his maternal grandparents in the last month, so he is pretty upset with their loss. We know they had a long and fruitful life, and they are not suffering anymore! Garrison made it possible for Nick to go to college, and was always so proud of how he turned out. Bradley is his only great-grandson.

After the funeral, we all came home and took a nap. The weather turned out very nice today so we took little man to the park! He had a great time, and really loves the slides.

Tomorrow I am going to work early so that I can get off early and go to an Irving Berlin concert downtown! I am very excited about it, and it worked out perfect since this is one of the few nights that I am not working at OU! At my other hospital I work during the day, so that gives me free time at night. I can't wait! I will be working the next several days to get ready for our big trip! It is coming up soon and we can't wait!!

I trimmed little man's hair tonight with the big boy clippers. He wasn't a big fan of them, but daddy held him close and we got through it in no time! But now he looks about 10 years old, so that makes for a sad momma! I didn't get a chance to get pics b/c afterward I bathed him then put him down for bed. Maybe next time!


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  1. Loved the 2 videos! Brad looks so cute on the slide! Such a big, big boy! He's just pure preciousness! Enjoyed the craft show with you once everything was all set up and we could just sit back, sip coffee, and gawk and chat.....good times ♥


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