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Sunday, October 17, 2010

New 'Do

Yes I chopped it off! I tried bangs...that helped but was still bored. I tried taking off a few inches...helped for just a week or so. Finally I made my mind up--it was time! It's what I do every 2-3 years so I am just about right on schedule!

I think it was just about a foot that they cut off. I asked the salon if they took hair donations, and they did but it couldn't be colored hair (which of course mine is). Oh well!

I have gotten pretty good reviews from people, so I think everyone else likes it! I am happy with it, just trying to get used to how fluffy it is now that it is short. I am also trying to figure out the best ways to style because I am used to just throwing it up into a ponytail. Now all I can put it "up" in is a nubbin!

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