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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Bidding October Adieu!

We had an amazing Halloween weekend this year! Despite me working 2 extra shifts that is! Since Halloween fell on a Sunday this year, some cities did their trick-or-treating on Saturday, and some on Sunday. So Saturday evening we headed out to my mom's house in OKC where we had chili for dinner, then went around a few blocks for candy. Brad did good and walked almost the whole way!

After getting candy, we came back to her house and my two brothers and two nephews were there too. Then my friend Meredith and her family all stopped by to see us! It was nice to see everyone dressed up and getting into the "spirit" of things!

My mom's costume on Saturday night.

Brad and I getting ready to hit the streets.

Brad and daddy walking down the street.

Brock and Scott.

Meredith and Lexi.

My nephews Kavyn and Cameron.

Then tonight my brother Eric and sister-in-law Teri came over with bunches of snacks, and my mom and stepdad came over with brownies! I picked up a couple pizzas and we all ate then headed out to trick-or-treat in my neighborhood.

Our neighborhood had tons of people participating, and hoards of kids walking up and down the streets! It was so festive, and there were several houses with strobe lights and detailed displays set up on their porch. We all had a great time, and Brad got a HUGE bucket of candy! I gave him a few pieces along the way, but I'm sure his daddy will be making the biggest dent in it ;)

Now we are all winding down, and I am getting our stairs and upstairs carpets cleaned tomorrow morning! Yea! Oh and decorating for Thanksgiving!!

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  1. It WAS such a fun Halloween! I am SO glad the timing worked out perfect when we came by to trick or treat and see everyone! Hope you all had a great time in Norman tonight!! Let me know when to plan for the next girls night so we can all catch up more! =)


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