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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

For Your Viewing Pleasure

I thought all of you would enjoy some pics of my baby as much as I do! These are from the last few days.

He is wearing that shirt to celebrate daddy finally getting an acoustic guitar! He has several electric ones, but I like how the acoustics sound better.

There were storms moving by us yesterday, so while daddy was in school I took him outside with me. We sat and played in the grass for almost an hour listening to the thunder and waiting for rain. Of course it didn't come until several hours later!

He had a good time chewing on sticks, acorns, leaves, and crawling through the dirt and grass.

I also took several videos but for some reason I can't upload them...


  1. Such a cutie! I see his poor little leg is red from dragging it, I so love his zombie crawl!

  2. Hi, I had to move my blog again so that I could have a new blog profile as well. I will be closing this blog profile down soon. So sorry for the confusion! Here is the link to the new one, just moved everything over today:


    (Formerly Hot Belly Mama)

  3. Love the pics Bradley is soooooo adorable...he is growing sooo fast!


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