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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Crafty Plans

I've been busy busy as usual on my days off thru the week. I use every opportunity I have to get something done around here! Whether it is sweeping, washing, tidying up, or crafting--there is much to be done! It's amazing how working only one less day a week has freed up what seems like more time to tackle everyday chores. Of course it definitely helps having my days off in a row because then I can make a plan everyday of what to get done without worrying about when I go back to work.

Finding the time and skill to do everything that is required to maintain a clean and organized household (especially a two-story with a one-year old!) is hard to do for a lot of people!! But that is one thing I {humbly} pride myself on--I don't sit around and watch TV all day or lay in bed until noon every chance I get. I have to prioritize what needs to get done, and after all that then I can have my "ME" time. It's funny as you get older, you slowly realize WHY your parents made you do chores and all that yucky stuff growing up....

Well as of yesterday, I am officially signed up for THREE craft shows!! Yikes! I have only done one before, and it was a very small one. I just had a hodge-podge of things thrown together--everything small and nothing pricey. So this time I am focusing on only a few things that are unique and desirable. One of them is--cloth baby shoes!!

I have about 6 pairs ready now, but of course I need to make a bunch more before the first show in a few weeks!

And on the side of course I still have my craft store where my friends occasionally request a custom order. My most recent one was a set of 4 bibs/burp cloths embroidered with a name for a friend in pink and purple. I found the cutest prints in flannel and I think they all turned out nicely!

^I even found PERFECT coordinating ribbon to go with it.

And here they are all tied up nicely to be delivered! My orders are caught up now (I try to have no more than a week turn-around time) so I can get back to stocking up my supply for the shows this holiday season! Can't wait!

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  1. Love the bibs and burp cloths! I can't wait to try on Alexis's shoes! =) See you Thursday love~


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