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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Day 2 Floor Demolition

It may not look much different today, but we actually did get a lot accomplished considering how busy we were. I babysat my nephew again today, and we all went to Lowe's to get the last things we needed for our project:
  1. Laminate floor installation kit
  2. Undercutting saw
  3. Trim finishing nails
  4. Concrete filler putty
  5. Putty knife
  6. Liquid Nails x2
  7. Caulking gun
  8. Grout remover (for another project)
  9. Floor scraper

After my nephew left around 1pm and we put Brad down for a nap, we got started on our goals for today. We pulled up the rest of the carpet and tack strip, got up all of the nails and filled all holes in the concrete subfloor. Nick pulled the old nails out of the trim and I nailed in the remaining nails into the walls. I scraped the glue/debris off the floor while Nick filled in the holes. The putty had to set up for at least 6 hours so we couldn't do much more than this.

Later in the evening after dinner and putting Brad to bed, we attacked the next part of the project that we were both a little nervous about--undercutting the door jambs. We had watched several instructional videos on this. It is basically where you saw off the bottom of all door jambs so that you can squeeze the wood planks underneath them for a nice professional look. It made us wee nervous to be sawing parts of our house off, but it turned out to be less complicated than we thought it would be. Nick had to do that part though because he has the muscles. I did a final sweeping of the bigger area that we are doing first and it is all ready to put down the underlayment tomorrow and start laying wood! Yay!

This is a decorative piece my friend Meredith purchased from me. I have made a few others that you can see here in my shop.

And since I had the camera with me today, here are a ton of cute pictures of my angel!

And I have to slip in another one of Cuddles :)

This was Brad eating dinner. He has this new thing now where he loves to bend his legs up and bounce them around, whether in the high chair or a shopping cart.

Yes, that is him holding onto his foot while he eats cereal puffs.

He is a little cutie patootie these days. Every morning I feed him multigrain baby cereal with applesauce and then a banana. When I hold up the banana, I try to get him to say it. He doesn't quite have it yet, but he does say "nana". Recently I have tried to get him to say kitty but he says "tiki". It's pretty cute!! He also officially has two more teeth on the top--one on each side in the back. I don't think they are molars though, they look too pointy. It is very hard to look into his mouth these days!

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  1. Great progress on the floors!!! Brad is so darn cute I miss that booger!!


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