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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Day 1 Floor Demolition

I just want to start this post off with a picture of our male cat Cuddles. He recently got a much-needed haircut from his father. Because of the outrageous price for a grooming we purchased our own clippers and they worked out well! Our female cat is next.... (they are both Persians.)

Next is the flooring! I may have mentioned in the past how we have been planning to rip up our cursed carpet downstairs and replace every last bit of it with wood laminate. And yes we are doing it ourselves by God because I REFUSE to pay someone over $1000 to click some boards together.

Well here is almost a whole paycheck sitting there:

We have had it for about a month now, but just haven't had the time to dig into it. Well I have a few days off in a row right now, so we got to it today after I was done babysitting my nephew. After watching many a how-to video on the internet, we started by taking off all of the baseboards.

Here is all of our crap stacked everywhere.

After the base trim was gone, then we proceeded to rip up the carpet and padding. Next is removing all of the tacking strip, which some genius has nailed into the concrete subfloor. Fun stuff.

We have maybe 30% of this part done. It's a little bit trickier with a 1 year old trying to get into everything and husband who is hard-headed. But everytime I start to lose my sanity I remind myself of how AWESOME it's going to look, and how much money we are saving by doing it ourselves. Carpet really is disgusting the longer it is there--so much dust and dirt went flying when we started ripping up everything. I'll post you on the update tomorrow!


  1. Ooooh I'm sooo excited for you :) Carpet suuucks! I'm sure it'll go quick as soon as you get all the old stuff out! I'm thinkin of ya!!

  2. Great start to a great project!!! Carpet should have never been invented!!!


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