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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Sewing, Knitting Groups, and a Kitty!

I apologize for taking so long to post--I can't believe how fast the time flies!! Here we are already in March...*sigh*.

I have been a busy girl lately though, so don't fret. I am in the process of making 2 Easter bibs, 2 St. Patrick's Day bibs, 2 birthday bibs, and I just finished up all of Bradley's birthday invitations! They turned out soooo adorable and they are also my first foray into cardmaking. It's amazing what you can do with a little ribbon, paper, and some stamps! Pictures of those will come soon--there's no way I can wait until June though!

Here is one of the sewing things I made (also listed in my store):

So I finally checked out the website Meetup.com and looked up some groups in my area. I found a neat knitting/crochet group that I joined, and tonight was my first get together with them! We met at Hastings in the cafe and we all knitted over coffee and chit chat--I of course crocheted because I prefer that a LOT more than knitting. My mother went with me (for moral support, lol) and we stayed about 2 hours. After that, we checked out Super Target then headed back to my house for some split pea and lentil soup over farkle. Fun times!!

To end with, I went into my closet to get dressed the other day, and look who I found sleeping on my shelves!


  1. "foray"...hmmmm....kitty looks so sweet and innocent sitting there...you sure are busy w/ all your homemade crafting! Where do you find the time?! Look forward to our next meeting/outing ♥


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