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Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Park, Decorations, and Playtime

At the end of last week, we had several days that the weather was just beautiful and perfect for spending the day outside (before our latest snow storm hit that is...). So on Thursday, the 3 of us went to our favorite duck pond and got to feed the geese while Bradley sat and watched:

We all had a very good time! Another thing I finished last week was a runner for the buffet table in my extra dining room that I am redoing. Here is the finished product:

I actually have enough fabric left to probably make 2 more! But I am going to use that for curtains and a valance to replace the dreadful tweed thing covering the window now.

Since I've been working every weekend, I always like to enjoy some quality time with my two favorite boys after I sleep for a bit on Sundays. Today I brought Bradley upstairs with us, and watched him play around on the floor. He isn't crawling yet, but is getting closer and closer. He is pretty good and scooting backwards now, and is started to rock back and forth on his hands and knees. Here is a video of him playing with our squeaky bedroom door!

To end with, I am excited about tomorrow because Bradley and I have our first mommy playgroup to go to! It is a meetup group I found online in Norman for moms, and this will be my first time to attend a meetup. This particular get-together is for babies 9 months and under, so I will be sure to take pictures! I'm sure we'll have a great time. Brad LOVES to see other babies. And then Thursday is his 9 month checkup, and Friday he will be 9 months old!! Wow. Check back later on!


  1. The new table runner is perfect! You did a fab job! Proud of you♥ Loved the sqeaky door video! Cute!

  2. Your table runner looks very nice! Looks like Bradley is turning into quite the explorer! :0) Such as cute video!


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