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Thursday, February 11, 2010

"Before" Room Redo

Here is the post I promised with the "before" of my extra dining room. We used to have a pool table in there, but we got rid of it because we never used it. Our Duncan Phyfe table is in the other dining room and the rooms are all open with the living room and this room. So we really need to do something nice with it!

While we were temporarily living in the city, we bought a 6-drawer black dresser for our bedroom. But when we moved back, we didn't need it in our room because we each have our own closet with built in dressers. So with my mother's help I decided to keep it downstairs and use it as a buffet table in this room. I should probably finish getting our clothes out of it though...

First I had to pick a color scheme, and I decided to go with blue and cream since I have blue towels and washcloths in the kitchen. I went to Hobby Lobby and chose this for my dominant fabric and print.

This is wall art that I made with foam board. I simply glued the print fabric to the back, then the hard part was freehand drawing the P onto the cream fabric and cutting it out and gluing it on. I am also doing one for Bradley's room that will be animal print with a black B on it!

Next are the washcloths I've been making for presents. This first batch has a crocheted and a knitted cloth for each color.

And these are for a coworker and also listed in my shop if you want some!


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  1. Can't wait to see the finished dining room decor! It's going to be shiek, elegant and one-of-a-kind!


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