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Thursday, December 17, 2009

I Remember My First Pair of Shoes...

Except that he just loves to take them off and chew on them! (*notice he is wearing the bib and matching pants that his momma made*) He is wearing a size 3 in baby shoes, and he has two pair now, and two pairs under the tree!!! Granted, he won't necessarily enjoy unwrapping his presents this year, it will be our joy. But next year--watch out!

And here is the latest accessory I have crafted for my little one! The others that I made were a little big so that he could wear them longer, so I made this one snug and it fits his noggin beautifully! Of course he is the cutest little bear cub around :) As always, let me know if you would like to purchase a customized one for yourself/a gift!



  1. How much are you charging for the bear caps? I love them & have seen some on etsy! :)

    Feel free to email me back: rachelbjohn@hotmail.com

  2. That hat is so cute! And so is Bradley!

  3. Your little bear cub is just so darn adorable! Love the new shoes! Are you going to get them bronzed?

  4. I love the hat! Mimi and I have matching hats and we get comments on them ALL THE TIME! It's so cute. I think they make us look like little old ladies. lol.



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