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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Fall Crafts!

No, I did not make these but my wonderful mother did! **Go see her blog here** Aren't they the cutest?? And delicious too ;)

I have taken up the lost art of hand embroidery. Yes I have a machine that does it but sometimes you just want that LOOK that it was done by hand. So I went out and bought a rainbow of colors and this is my first project:

I got a plain black tee at Hobby Lobby, as well as tons of felt. I cut out free-hand the letters and the pumpkins. I then applique stitched all of the letters on, then embroidered the faces on the pumpkins and appliqued them on.

Next is this little top for Bradley. It is a long sleeve onesie from Old Navy that I just put a little jack-o-lantern on and embroidered "Momma's Little Pumpkin" on it. Too cute!!

Last but not least is one that I made a few weeks back but I don't think I ever put a picture up. It is a binky clip. I have boy ribbon (seen here) and girl ribbon to use, as well as tons of cute buttons for the clips. It does the job well!

No I have not finished his Batman costume yet--I apologize. I only have a few little things left then I will be done. Halloween is already next week so it will be soon, I promise!

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  1. The cuppies look cute! You did a terrific job on your Halloween shirt and Bradley's shirt too! Boy, you're a clever one!!!!


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