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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Updates and Change of Plans

No I have not gone into labor yet...I am dilated to a whopping 1 but that was the only change at my appointment yesterday. She may have stripped my membranes, but I'm not sure. I think she said she did but I didn't verify. Otherwise I actually lost 1/2 a lb since last week, and my BP was 118/70.

The change in plans is due to a simple mistake: my doc thought she was on-call Wednesday but she is actually on-call Thursday. That means she had to move my induction to Thursday. She said if I wanted to, I could do it still on Wednesday but then she wouldn't be the delivering doctor. I figured what is one more day? So the plan now is for us to check into Labor and Delivery tomorrow evening at 5:30pm. I will get Cervidil that night, then if I still haven't gone into labor then they will start Pitocin Thursday morning. I am reaaallllly hoping I don't need the Pitocin because I've heard all kinds of stories about the crazy contractions it causes. My doc said that some people go into labor just with the Cervidil so please pray for me that is the case!

I am starting to get nervous because I've never actually been a patient in a hospital, much less for a couple of days. And this will only be my second IV ever--first one was when I had my egg retrieval done. Not to mention the fact that I am going to be giving birth!!! Wow. That's some big stuff ahead of me...I say bring it on baby! Nick is getting nervous too that the day is finally here, so let's hope he is able to stay semi-calm throughout this event.

I probably won't blog again before I go in tomorrow night so I am assuming I will be released either Friday evening or Saturday morning. Hopefully I can jump on here shortly thereafter and get something posted for you guys! Check back then.

In other news, my stepdad's mother passed away last night and her funeral is Thursday morning. So we will have two big things going on at once, and I feel bad I won't be able to make it to the funeral then. My mom is going to the service, then coming to the hospital right after. Pray for him that he gets through this ok.

PS. I posted a 40 week belly shot--my LAST one!


  1. What a whopper of a belly- It's been amazing getting to watch that thing grow! I'm so excited to meet Bradley and to hear all about labor & delivery... hopefully I'll be close when it happens!
    You're going to do great- you're great at everything lol- this shouldn't be any different!
    Love ya darlin!!

  2. Sorry to hear your body wasn't in labor, but it's nice to hear your doctor will be able to deliver!

    Looking forward to seeing the update & pictures! Thinking about you!

  3. You are such a cute little preggy! Can't wait to see pics of Bradley this weekend. You'll do fine and we'll be praying for you all!

  4. Oh gosh, I hope you don't get the pitocin either! Good luck and I hope your next post is of the little one! Can't wait to meet him!


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