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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

First Ultrasound!

Today was our first ultrasound, and everything went well. We have one very nice looking gestational sac, and we are going back next Thursday to see the heartbeat! I gotta say, I was really hoping for twins, but I'll take what I can get!

The text that you see around the sac is where the Dr. put an arrow to the embryo and typed "HI MOM AND DAD". It was so cute!!! I can't wait until we get another one next week.

I haven't started the Progesterone gel yet because I was waiting to find out how many more weeks I was going to need it because the box only came with 18. Well I've got 5 more weeks ahead of me, so I'll be having to purchase another one after awhile. And yes, the gel goes where you think it goes :( But anything is better than stabbing my self everyday!

Symptoms are still pretty much the same. I keep waiting for the vomiting to hit, which I'm sure it will at the most inopportune time. I have a vomit bag on tap in my car, and I can always get more from work. My Dr. told me that taking vitamin B6 and Ginger Root help alot with morning sickness. So I went and bought those today for when I need it. I read that it usually starts between weeks 6 and 8, so it will be soon!

I also bought some lotion for the belly so *crossing fingers* I don't get stretch marks. I read that vitamin E and Collagen are the best ingredients for it, so that's what I got. We'll see how it goes.

I guess that's it for now, if anything happens or I feel the need to blog before next Thursday, it will be on here. Otherwise next week is the heartbeat!!!!!


  1. Yeah! God is faithful and I can't imagine how pumped up you are for having this baby! As far as the stretch marks- if that means me having babies- bring them on! I want tons of them! Gotta love it! Congrats!!!!!! My egg retrieval is looking to be beginning of next week so we will see how my doc appointment goes tomorrow! Keep me in your prayers!

  2. I heart you and your little one too! I say we still paint a little punkin on your belly this october :O)
    See you in a bit, love!

  3. okay apparantly I am a moron and I can't figure out how to add the "timeline" and pictures on my sidebar with the layout I have from thecutestblog, etc. I can't figure out where to type and what to do in the html box. Help! Maybe you can help me figure this out so I am not the only idiot on blogger that doesn't know how to make mine spiffy!
    If it easier to email me how to do it then my email is sarahcreamer@hotmail.com

  4. So so happy for you! I honestly think this is such a blessing!!!

    It's still early...there could be twins in there :)

  5. Well you are just all set with your lotions and supplements. I love the ultrasound pic. So cute that your dr put that on there! I'm so happy for you girl! Good luck with the gel ;)

  6. CONGRATULATIONS Kandy! How exciting! I just got online to check blogs---I haven't in over a week! I know you must be ecstatic! This is awesome! All praise to God above!

  7. There's your Itty Bitty Chitty as Sara named "her." I don't know I'm kind of leaning towards a girl too! It'll be time to find out before you know it!

  8. I just found your blog through Krysta and wanted to tell you congrats!


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