This blog was started in 2008 when we did IVF for the first time to build our family after 5 1/2 years of infertility. We now have a little boy who is getting ready to be a BIG brother! Our second IVF worked and we are expecting in April 2015 ♥

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Happy Halloween!

That is my little giraffe! On Sunday evening we took him to Edmond for the Storybook Forest. We got there just as the sun was setting and he enjoyed seeing all of the storybook characters and getting candy! At the end there is a hayride and games. He had a great time!

I have to work tomorrow and I'm *hoping* to get off in time to go with them trick-or-treating in our neighborhood. This weekend I will have to squeeze in time to take down the Halloween decorations and put up the turkey stuff!

In other news---we find out in 2 weeks if we are having a boy or girl!!!! I put a poll on the side ------> so that you can vote on what you think it is!


Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Home From the Beach

I would like to start off this post by pointing out that it is my 500th post for this blog!! Thank you for reading.

Late Sunday night we returned from our short getaway to Cancun, Mexico! We left early Thursday morning and arrived that afternoon for 4 days and 3 nights of relaxation and beach time. This was our first time there and we didn't really know what to expect, but it was AMAZING and we both had a fabulous time. Out of all of the beaches we have been to, this is definitely at the top and the best part is there were NO JELLYFISH spotted anywhere on the trip. Here are the highlights:

Sunrise on the plane

 Arrival at the Cancun airport

Our all-inclusive resort on the coast


View from our balcony

The water was unbelievably clear and blue

The mandatory "sandy feet" picture

We walked up and down the beach one evening and watched the moon rise for a couple of hours.


On Saturday we headed up the coast to the harbor to take an all-day boat ride to the island of Isla Mujeres. We snorkeled, swam, shopped, then had lunch on the beach!

That's me! I call this a "kite swing"

The views on the boat were just amazing. So beautiful!

Pulling into the harbor on the island

On our way back to Cancun from the island, the crew on the boat turned up the music and had some fun with costumes and drinks

Coming back to Cancun

It was a great little getaway for us, and Brad of course had a fun time with his grandparents :) When he is older he will get the privilege of going on big trips with us. I know we will be returning to Cancun in the future. We were really impressed with the kindness and helpfulness of the locals down there.

I took an underwater camera and used it up while I was snorkeling. I will get those developed soon and hopefully they turned out well! Once I get everybody unpacked and the house back in order, I will make time to get my brand new embroidery machine out of the box!


Thursday, October 2, 2014

3 Month Update

I am already 12 weeks along in this pregnancy! Things have been going swimmingly. No morning sickness whatsoever, and I do believe the fatigue is getting better. I still have mucho issues sleeping thru the night....oh well! I definitely have a belly and I have been thrifting maternity clothes when I can.

Yesterday was my ultrasound to test nuchal translucency and growth. Crown-rump length was 6cm and baby is measuring a couple of days ahead of schedule. We finally saw some arm/leg movement, and it was amazing how you could even see the umbilical cord pulsing on the US. The HR was 154.

 One week from today we will be enjoying the beaches of Cancun! I am so ready for a beach vacation. Our last one was as a family in the panhandle of Florida in 2012. It was amazing there, and now I can't wait to return to the Caribbean!
My next prenatal checkup is in 2 weeks so my doc will probably go over the results of today's ultrasound with me then. I am maintaining a weight gain of +4lb over my pre-IVF weight which I think is pretty good for the 1st trimester--which BTW ends next week!!!!


Monday, September 22, 2014

1 Year Later

I am coming clean about a little secret I've had that only certain people have known about me. I'm not proud of it but it's a part of who I used to be. I'm hoping that maybe my confession will touch someone with their own struggle and be some sort of inspiration!

One year ago this month I quit smoking! I had smoked for about 15 years. Never very much--no more than 5 a day. I quit for a year when I was pregnant with Bradley. Even though I was a "smoker" I still hated the smell of smoke and taste of it in your mouth. I really only kept doing it to relax and unstress.

Last August my brother completely quit smoking a pack/day and switched to vaping. I finally decided to give it a try since it only has nicotine in it instead of all the other nasty additives, plus you can control the level of nicotine. I switched over in September (with the lowest level of nicotine) and never looked back! I am not even tempted when someone offers me one or I'm around someone else smoking.

I of course have quit vaping (embryos don't like it!) and am proud to say I have zero desire to start smoking again! I feel strongly that vaping is an amazing technique to quit smoking or at least start weaning yourself off of cigarettes. There are so many awful chemicals and carcinogens in the cigarette, not to mention the second and thirdhand effects on those around you.

As a former smoker I can say from experience that quitting techniques are more effective when you can substitute the actual cigarette for something else to do with your hand and/or mouth. Just a nicotine patch or gum is nowhere near the same habit and even though you are getting the nicotine, your brain is still not fully satisfied. With vaping you still have the feeling of holding something and "smoke" but without the ash, smell, and carcinogens. You can slowly wean down your nicotine level until you don't need it anymore!

I kind of compare the idea to when I did a juice fast for a week. After 7 days of no solid food and only fresh fruit/veggie juice, I really missed eating! Even though I wasn't "hungry" and I was getting nutrition, my mouth and mostly my brain missed chewing.


Tuesday, September 16, 2014

10 Week Checkup

Today marks the end of the "embryonic" phase and the beginning of the fetal stage. My first prenatal appt went well today and the heartbeat was around 160bpm. I was a bit disappointed there was no US but I will get one in 2 weeks for the NT test (nuchal translucency). From here until 26 weeks I will go in once per month for a checkup.

I am super happy to report that today is also my very LAST Progesterone shot! PIO (Progesterone in oil) is a lovely little thing that those who get IVF have to get as an IM shot until 10wk pregnant. It helps support the uterine lining until the placenta is big enough to take over. Last time I got lucky and after a few weeks the doc let me switch to a cream....this time the doc said NO NO.

Brad is still very excited about being a big brother and is always asking to look at pics of how big the baby is. I think he'll love being able to help out.

I have been looking up a lot of great ideas for DIY maternity clothes. I refuse to go out and buy all new shirts/pants to only wear for a few months. I've seem some ingenious ideas on ways to refashion thrifted shirts/dresses into maternity wear. I have a lot of things I want to sew in the next several months!

As for my belly, it is definitely showing much earlier than the first pregnancy. Last time I really didn't show until at least around 4-5mo. This time I have had a little bump since at least 6-7wks! My pants refuse to button so I made myself a belly band to extend their use as far as I can. I'm going to try to pull off a majority of skirt/dress/legging combos this winter and avoid uncomfortable jeans as much as possible.

Thanks for reading! Check back soon for more posts.


Sunday, September 7, 2014

Having a Blast at our County Fair

This weekend was our county fair, and every year it is the ONLY fair we go to! It is the highlight of September and this year we took my brother and his 3 kids with us. Now that Brad is bigger he had a blast riding more rides and sitting with his cousins!

The weather was absolutely perfect! It was overcast and had rained the whole day until around 3pm. We went in the evening after 6pm and enjoyed the cool breeze and fair food. Brad got to ride his first roller coaster and he had a blast!! He is turning out to be a thrill seeker just like I was at his age. I only rode the Ferris Wheel and managed to get a little queasy on it......

Everyone had fun and we were worn out by the end of the evening. We can't wait for next year!
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