I started this blog in 2008 when we did IVF after 5 1/2 years of infertility. It worked! Here we are as a family of three ready for a fourth. Follow along as we start traditions, build memories, and travel this beautiful world ♥

Thursday, August 21, 2014


I just wanted to post some pics of my little boy's first day of Kindergarten from yesterday! He goes from 7:50am until 2:50pm (and those who know me know that I despise getting up early). We get up around 7am and head out the door around 7:30 to walk to school.

He has his own locker for his backpack, and they all put their lunchboxes in a corner.

I believe there are about 3 or 4 kids that were also in his PreK last year. He of course plays with everyone but has been getting a little rough with some kids and getting put in time out the last 2 days.....we will have to work on that! He doesn't have much practice playing in large groups of kids so it's just something he will need to learn. It's been very different having a quiet house for 7 hours a day!


Monday, August 18, 2014

A Concert and an Almost-Kindergartener

Last night my brother went with me to a Christian concert. It was a tour with several artists that is sponsored by the radio station Air1 that I listen to (and donate to). Each artist played about 5 songs and everyone did a great job. They include but are not limited to:


Rapture Ruckus

Royal Tailor

 Jonathan Thulin

Jamie Grace

Today I had to work but was able to get home just in the nick of time to take my little one to school for his meet-the-teacher night! He is starting all-day Kindergarten on Wednesday and is super excited about it.

His new classroom and just a couple doors down from his PreK room from last year and his teacher is Ms. Carruth. She seems pretty nice and gave us a packet of info for his first day. I know Brad will do great and learn so much. Nick and I think he could probably skip Kindergarten and go right to 1st grade!


Saturday, August 16, 2014

My Big Brother Got Married!

Yesterday my brother Eric and his girlfriend Amy got married! It was a small intimate wedding at the courthouse with the reception at my mom's house. My wedding present to them was photography with a photo album to follow! Here are the highlights:


Friday, August 8, 2014

Beta #2

This morning I went in to the RE again for another blood draw to check my HCG levels. Here they are!

Beta #1 (12dp3dt) = 160

Beta #2 (14dp3dt) = 330

That is right on track! For the first few weeks the number is supposed to double around every 48 hours. Next is my favorite part--the ultrasound!! It will be 2 weeks from today and we should be able to see how many, and check the heartbeat. I will be 6wk3d then :)

For those who are interested, at 14dp3dt with Bradley my beta was 314!

Stay posted!


Wednesday, August 6, 2014

The Numbers Are In...

I went this morning to my RE for my official HCG blood draw! They asked me if I cheated and took a test at home...I said "of course!" They called me this afternoon with the good news!

Beta #1 (12dp3dt) = 160
Progesterone = >40

I go back in on Friday for another blood draw to make sure it is going up. After that is an ultrasound!!

It's definitely reassuring now that I have a good beta level, but I'll still feel better after the ultrasound. Thank you for the support and prayers guys. It's been an emotional and crazy journey but we made it thru and now we just have to stay healthy and grow a baby!!!


Sunday, August 3, 2014

Can You Keep a Secret?

Seriously though! Because I'm not announcing anything until without-a-doubt confirmed by my RE!

But look!! Isn't it pretty???????

I got a SUPER faint had-to-squint-under-the-light positive on day 7 past my transfer (AKA 7dp3dt in IVF speak) and couldn't believe it!! That is a whole day EARLIER than last time. I have been testing each day since but they are still super faint. I tried a different brand of test (the one pictured) today and it was actually dark enough to take a pic of! I know it's legit b/c this is a hospital-grade test, unlike the cheapos I get in bulk on the internet....

Today is 9dp3dt for me. Monday is when I would expect to start my next period, and if not then Tuesday I will be 4 weeks along! I still can't wait for my blood test on Wednesday!! Check back then!

PS And don't say anything! You can comment your little heart out on here (please do! I love feedback) but please no comments on Facebook yet. Thank you for reading, and thank you for the prayers!


A Night Downtown

I had a fun Saturday night downtown with my favorite girl--my mom! We're kinda BFF. I snagged us some tickets to see Michael Buble and he did NOT disappoint! We were in the nosebleed section but hey--who cares??

This was my mom's first time seeing him, but it was my THIRD time! He was fabulous as always. Naturally 7 opened for him again (group of 7 a capella singers) and we had a great time listening to the songs and watching the show.

We didn't get out of there until around 11:30 and we were starving so we stopped at a little diner for some grub. Can't wait until next time!

PS If you are waiting for the results of my HPT, I am holding out for Wednesday!!!! Check back then :)


Monday, July 28, 2014

The Phone Call

I got the phone call today from my RE. No embryos made it to the freezing stage. Again.

I had somehow forgotten they were going to call me today. I was grabbing my purse and heading out the door with Brad for a day full of grocery shopping and errands. When the phone rang and I saw who it was my first thought was "they can't know if I'm pregnant or not--I haven't had blood drawn yet!" Of course silly--they were calling to crush my hopes once more!

Here is my post from the first time in 2008 when I got the same phone call. I feel exactly the same this time as I did that day 6 years ago. I know I'm blessed to have one healthy baby, but I don't think it's too much to ask for a second one to love.

The way I feel right now is this--if this time doesn't work then I want us to move next year and get a fresh start. For real. Sorry mom.


Friday, July 25, 2014

IVF #2 Embryo Transfer Day

Say hello to my babies! These were the best 2 out of the 10 that fertilized. Please say a HUGE prayer for me that they stick!! The transfer was this afternoon at 3:30pm and my doctor came in on his day off to do it himself. Your bladder has to be full to help them visualize the uterus on the US and boy was mine F-U-L-L. After the transfer they had me lay there for 15 minutes before I got up. And that was it! My official blood draw for the pregnancy test is scheduled for August 6 at 9am. I have a handy dandy countdown on the side! ----------------------------------------->

As for my ovaries, they are slowly calming down and deflating. I weighed myself the day of my egg retrieval (Tuesday) and I was up TEN pounds from my usual!!! I have since come down 5 but can definitely feel the remaining 5 in my belly. I did a lot of reading about other people's experiences and it seems like that is the norm. All of the little follicles that get eggs removed fill with fluid after the retrieval, and some people get more fluid than others. It then spills over into the abdomen and makes you super bloated for up to a week or two. If it's really bad then it can impede your breathing and get into your lungs. This is known as OHSS (ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome) and can land you in the hospital. The doc has you watch for signs and symptoms for several weeks after the egg retrieval.

The progesterone shots are also no bueno.....I've had 5 so far and already my bum is getting sore. I have to continue one shot of it each day until I can convince the doctor to switch me to progesterone suppositories, or till 10 weeks.....whichever comes first!

With my first IVF I got a positive HPT on day 8 after the transfer, so I will not test at home until next Friday. My doctor compared the embryo's growth to my first IVF and he said they were almost identical. The two they transferred are just about the same quality as the two I had transferred in 2008. I hope that means at least one will stick!!

I'm trying to stay positive during this wait but it's oh-so-hard. I know I only have a 50/50 chance of it working so I have to be realistic. I hope these next 2 weeks fly by!!!!


Wednesday, July 23, 2014

10 Babies

I finally got an update from the doctor! They retrieved 16 eggs, 13 were mature and 10 fertilized! So right now we have 10 little babies growing in a petri dish. They will call again tomorrow with another update on their progress. I will be doing the embryo transfer either Friday or Sunday and I should find that out tomorrow also.

Here is my post from last time about how many fertilized etc.....

As for the retrieval, it went well! We got there at 6:15am and got started in preop. They took my vitals and started an IV in my right hand. The anesthesiologist I requested was there so it was nice to see a familiar face! He started me off with some Morphine, then Versed and other sedatives in the procedural room. It was like deja vu! It was the same room I was in last time. It only took about 30 minutes and I woke up pretty easily afterward.

After they went over my postop instructions they showed Nick how and where to do the Progesterone shots. I got one there, then did another one last night. Today I will start them once per day until further notice. They really don't hurt much (if they are done right) but I know after several days of getting shots in the same spot over and over it will start to get sore!

I camped out on the couch yesterday with a mug of ice water and a heating pad. The pain really was not near what I anticipated from last time so I was pretty happy about that. However early this morning I woke up around 4am with terrible heartburn and a pounding headache. I got up and took some Zantac and Tylenol but it did not help. After I got up for the day I took my Norco and some PeptoBismol but it really hasn't helped much either. The abdomenal pain isn't what is bothering me--it's the headache and reflux/nausea!

I'm relaxing on the couch again today and I had Nick fill my Phenergan prescription to see if that would help. A cool washcloth helps a little with the headache, I just hope it goes away soon. I am going back to work tomorrow so we will see how that goes!
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