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Saturday, July 28, 2018

Summer Fun Away and Home

A couple Saturdays ago my work had a discount day at the local amusement park Darien Lake. The tickets were half price and included a lunch and free parking! Bradley is the only other one into roller coasters, so I made it just a mother/son outing!

We rode almost every ride, and were there despite it raining for 4 out of the 5 hours we were there! We had a fun time and Brad loved it.

On July 15 I found a tattoo place here in my town to do the tattoo I've been wanting to get for awhile! It is on my left inner upper arm. I love it!

The middle of this month, I planted more seeds for a fall harvest in the garden. I planted pumpkins, lettuce, squash, spinach, and cauliflower. The pumpkins sprouted in just a couple days and growing like crazy! Here they are after a few days:

Here is another part of my garden as of today! Tomatoes and carrots on the left, corn on the right. I also have tons of bell pepper plants and one jalapeƱo plant.

Plums have been on sale at the grocery store so I've been looking up recipes on what to do with all of them. I decided on plum jam in my bread machine! I found an easy recipe, and it turned out delicious. I put them in jars and am going to try it out in the morning with toast!

We just got back from camping for first time....check back soon for my next post!

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