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Monday, May 14, 2018

Happy Mother's Day 2018

We had a great Mother's Day here at home! The boys let us sleep in, then Nick made us coffee and breakfast to start the day. He got me a lovely card, some of my favorite chocolate, and a strawberry plant for the garden! He minded the littles while I got to relax and read. After lunch Nick took the boys outside and washed our cars. After Jacob's nap we all went to the park, and Nick snuck off for a few minutes and brought us all back slushies to snack on.

We headed back home in the evening, and he cooked a delicious dinner of spaghetti and garlic bread. Then he bathed and put the boys to bed while I mowed the yard. I know--I wanted to!

Last week was Nurse's Week, and we were treated to an awesome dinner! Stuffed chicken breast, veggies, roll, mashed potatoes, salad, fruit, and cupcakes! YUM

Now that the days are getting warmer, we are having to childproof the windows...our dearest little troublemaker has figured out how to get them open, and that's NO bueno on the second story. We found these guards online, and Nick installed them on the windows we'll be opening to cool off the house.

Our beautiful yard has just blossomed this spring! We can't get over how thick and lush the grass is. We haven't even fertilized yet! People in Oklahoma pay good money for grass like this.

For Cinco de Mayo of course I had to cook a Mexican feast! Chicken enchiladas, guacamole, quesadillas, Spanish rice, and refried beans. It's the only way we get good Mexican food here...

With the warm weather came a much needed haircut for our oldest child. His hair is so thick and coarse, the underlayer gets matted and is impossible to comb out. He's much happier now.


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