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Thursday, April 26, 2018

Spring is Finally Here

Next week is the beginning of May, and here in western NY we are JUST now starting to enjoy spring! The weekend before last we had snow and an ice storm...but thankfully that quickly melted off. This past weekend we actually had temps in the 60s and up to 70 with sunshine! It was lovely, and the boys had a blast being able to play outside with their toys while I worked on flowerbeds.

I just love seeing all of the spring surprises popping up out of the dirt! Since this is our first spring in our house here, I really have no idea what spring bulbs are planted. It's also nice to see several of the 60 bulbs I planted last fall starting to come up, including my favorite--daffodils!!!

This is my rose garden after pruning. There is lambs ear along the border, then several daffodil plants. I pruned back the bushes and look forward to seeing blooms!

Last year Jacob was still a bit too short to reach the pedals on his big wheel, but this year he can reach them AND use them! He loves chasing his big brother around the driveway.

Bradley came home with an awesome report card full of As, and a certificate for being on the Principal's Honor Roll again! We are very proud of him. He just started an after school writing club, and is also being introduced to band instruments. When he starts 4th grade in the fall, he will get to pick an instrument to begin learning!

When the weather is nice, Jacob prefers to eat his afternoon snack on the back porch while he looks for bugs.


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