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Thursday, August 10, 2017

My Next Kitchen and Other Room Plans

Monday is the big day that we FINALLY sign the papers and get the keys to our forever home! This has been a journey in the making for about 9 years so we are definitely ready to be settled.

I have been in full planning mode! I've been saving my hard earned money for years in preparation for us to have a house we could finally decorate for US, and not for resale. The one room I know exactly how I want it is--big surprise--the kitchen!!

Here is the current kitchen at our new house. It's the only part of the house that I want to change major things in:

It is pretty but...I'm not a fan of blue tile, wood counters, or open cabinets! I already knew what color scheme I wanted, so the devil was in the details of how to bring it all together. So here is a collage of  how I basically want it to look after remodel:

The cabinets we are going to paint and glaze ourselves, just like we did to our house in Norman. The counters will be Spanish granite (that I have already picked and paid for!), the backsplash will be beadboard, and the aqua accents pictured are ones I have already purchased! The appliances and the sink are staying, so my biggest dilemma right now is figuring out how to get the best deal on replacing those cabinet doors. Of course the previous owners did not keep them...so that makes my life a lot more difficult right now! They aren't cheap, let's just say that. Plus hinges, plus knobs....I'll be very happy when it's done! I was fully intending to pay a contractor to do the work for us, but the few I found in this town are too busy to take my business on. So it is going to be another DIY kitchen remodel for us! At least we'll be saving some money.

Here are a few more collages I've made of the other rooms I'm planning:

This is our bedroom! Teal walls with gray and gold accents. The bedspread, rug, and sign pictured are already purchased.

This will be the dining room. Burgundy walls with white wainscoting. On the ceiling we are doing a white trim square of molding with the wall color painted inside, and a medallion for the chandelier. The rug pictured is already purchased.

This is the living room. Walls are already slate blue so we like that. The rug and couch pictured are already purchased, the accent chair is one we are considering getting.


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