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Monday, July 24, 2017

More Goodies to Make My House a Home

Our new house has all hardwood floors, so I've been shopping for area rugs online. After a while, my brain gets numb looking at so many! There are so many designs and sizes. Not to mention prices...I was definitely trying to find the best deal. I finally decided on these (free shipping of course)....

....for our bedroom

...for our living room

.....for our dining room

I got this for Brad's bed. He has a summer quilt, but needed something warmer for winter. This is perfect for his robot room!

I got this for the master bathroom. Hopefully the colors match!

I haven't got this yet (still hunting for the best deal) but I'm going to get this color and style for our bed. The walls will be teal.

I went to Home Goods yesterday and found some super cute stuff for the kitchen. I've got a huge pile of stuff waiting to decorate!

We have been couch shopping as well, because now we have a living room AND family room to fill. The couch we have now will go in the family room with the TV. But the living room has the fireplace do we want it to be more comfy for relaxing and chatting.

We found a couple styles we liked but the prices were a lot higher than I wanted to pay....over $1000 for a sofa and loveseat!! We decided to go with affordable and comfy for now while the boys are little, then maybe down the line get something more elegant. We got this couch and matching loveseat.

Not much longer now until we close on the house! This week I'm going to work on getting utilities transferred and pinning down some contractors for our kitchen updates.


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