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Sunday, June 25, 2017

Bird Island Pier

The weather here has been just beautiful, and since we are moving away from this area soon I wanted to check out some more things that were on my list. Today we all went to the west side of Buffalo off Lake Erie to walk along the pier that goes parallel to the shore. I pass it on the highway every time I drive into Buffalo, and I knew the boys would love to walk along it. Today was a nice sunny day with a cool breeze, so we took advantage of that! The best part is that it was all free :)

The pier goes really far, I'm not sure how far in all--over a mile? It goes under the Peace Bridge to Canada, and I just think that's so cool to see Canada right on the other side of the water.

This one is looking back at the city of Buffalo:

I can imagine how crazy it gets there in the winter with the lake effect storms rolling in off the lake! I'm sure it's pretty for sunset though.

Tomorrow is Bradley's 8th birthday, so my next post will be about all the fun we had celebrating!


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