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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

The Albion House

Yesterday we went out to the town of Albion to see this cute house. I've been watching it for a bit, and after we fired our realtor on Sunday, we made arrangements with a better one to see it, haha!

3bd 1.5bath
0.96 acres
Built 1852

 It was cute outside but once we were inside it was obvious there were structural issues that would need to be addressed. The stairs were super steep, and had this weird metal contraption at the top.

The basement was a mess, filthy, wet, musty, and the "updated" electrical panel was very likely not done to code.

It had a nice long driveway, but no garage so that was a negative as well. The drive was a little over an hour away, so needless to say we're very disappointed at the potential!

The local realtor that showed it to us was very kind, and actually booked another showing on a different house the next day on one we had been trying to see! I'll post on that one next.

The search continues...


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