This blog was started in 2008 when we did IVF for the first time to build our family after 5 1/2 years of infertility. We now have 8 and 2 year old boys (thanks to modern medicine) and we are enjoying our blessed life as parents ♥ In the summer of 2016 we took another huge step and moved across the country from Oklahoma to New York! This blog is about life and everything in between

Monday, May 29, 2017

Memorial Day 2017

I hope everyone had a great holiday today, and took time to appreciate all of those who gave their lives to serve this country!

We decided to head out to a local park and do burgers and hotdogs! Original, right?? Ha. We don't have a grill, and I thought it would be a waste to buy a whole bag of charcoal...so I got this fancy thing at the store for $3.50! I dubbed it the Janky Grill. Yes, it is a disposable charcoal grill--be jealous!

It actually worked out great, and was just right for a few burgers and hotdogs. There is nothing better than the flavor of charcoal grilled meat. We "tailgated" out of my trunk, and had a blast doing it. I brought cookies and marshmallows for dessert. The boys ate those while they burned off some energy running around.

The weather was beyond perfect--sunny and 75°. Since we splurged for our lunch, it was healthy food for dinner while we relaxed and watched The Majestic.

For those who know me on FB, you already know that we put in a CASH offer on that beautiful house we went and looked at last week! We should hear something soon.....I'm expecting negotiations. Wish us luck!


Sunday, May 21, 2017

Gasport House #2

This little gem popped up for sale today and I was instantly attracted! It speaks to me. I immediately called the realtor, and after a few negotiations we got an appointment to see it this early evening. We brought the boys with us, and thankfully I had snacks to keep them happy.

Gasport, NY
$49,900 (Fannie Mae owned)
Built 1855
2400sqft 4bd 2b
0.8 acres
2 car garage

As you can see, it needs some major work. But you can also see the amazing potential it has to be brought back to life from its former glory! We could put in a couple hard core years of major work and after that, it would be perfect and exactly​ what WE want to live in for the rest of our lives.

The area is beautiful, it's a quiet street, it's close to a major town, and only about a 35-40min drive from my work. We have the money to pay cash for it....but that wouldn't leave us with any savings or money for reno. So now we are discussing what we want to do. If we financed it, we would have to get a special reno mortgage and that would mean a monthly payment. However that would give us the money right away to start fixing it up, plus leave us our savings and money for closing costs.

What to do, what to do....


Saturday, May 20, 2017

What's Up?

We are doing great here! The spring time is so perfect, I just wish we had our own outdoor space to enjoy it in. The weather is cool, the sun is warm, and it's sprinkled by the occasional thunderstorm (but NO tornadoes!!). I don't think I showed it yet, but I put in a window bird feeder so the boys--and kitty--could watch them.

I figured since I started a new great job, I deserved a new great stethoscope! I finally got my first Littmann and it works great. Jacob got to play with my old one.

So we have this tree in our backyard with these beautiful purple flowers that smell SO good. I had Nick cut some to put inside and after some googling, I learned they are lilacs!! I must have some of these trees when we get our own house.

Last night we got a sitter so we could head up to Niagara Falls and try out a Mexican restaurant. We've been on the hunt for a good one to eat at, and unsuccessful so far. This one was actually good! I started off with a tequila sunrise.

Yes, we are still looking diligently for houses. I look every day but none have popped up that have potential. We are beyond ready to find one, but really do not want to settle for one that isn't right. So we wait! And keep saving money. Before long, we'll be able to buy it in cash if the price is low enough, haha!


Friday, May 5, 2017

The Gasport House

This is the house we went to see the other day in the city of Gasport, NY. It was about a 45min drive and this was one we had very high hopes for. From the listing pictures, it appeared to be in very nice shape and didn't need much. That was a big plus since the asking price and the yearly taxes ($4,400) are both above what our limits are.

As you can see, there are two double front doors.....We actually entered from a side door but they are only using the front door on the right.

5bd 2bath
0.78 acres

The setting was very nice. One side was a large apple orchard (a separate property) and behind it was farmland. However the road it is off of was pretty busy, and the actual land is smaller than I want.

This kitchen was its downfall. The countertop you see above is the ONLY counter space in the entire kitchen. And that "window" over the sink? It looks into a bedroom.....

The front door in use opens to this small foyer with a beautiful staircase. However the second front door opens to a closet. Very odd.

The house is very large and has many interconnected rooms. The front upper rooms have 12ft ceilings, but the back rooms have 8ft ceilings and can also be accessed by a second staircase in the rear of the house.

The front porch was very weathered and didn't seem to be used much. As we walked around the outside we saw many structural issues and obvious add-ons that were not pictured in the listing....

In summary, we were underwhelmed by the house. Like I said before, the kitchen was its major downside simply because it would have to be gutted and the layout completely changed. With the high price they are already asking that would be a major expense. Then you factor in the high taxes every year and that makes for a much higher payment than we are wanting. Maybe if it was an awesome true Victorian then we would consider it, but we just didn't feel that this was it. We are not taking it off the table, but the price would have to come way down to be a serious contender.

The search continues......
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