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Monday, April 17, 2017

Hoppy Easter 2017!

I hope everyone's Easter was good! We had a fun one here, and I think the boys really enjoyed it. We colored eggs on Friday, and Brad had fun decorating them. Jacob just kind of watched, and played with them when they were dry. 

On Saturday, Brad helped me with a lot of the prep work for our Easter dinner. This is my first time making Easter bark! It turned out so pretty.

Saturday evening we all went out for dinner. The weather was beautiful and the forecast was for rain on Easter, so we decided to let the boys do their egg hunt Saturday evening. Nick hid all the eggs in the backyard, and the boys had fun finding 28 eggs each. We had to help Jacob a little.

Easter morning we gave the boys their baskets. They each got a few little toys and of course lots of chocolate and candy. After that, I started working on the feast and we sat down to eat just after noon with our two good friends Stephanie and Kary.

Everybody had a good time together making memories. We read the Bible story of the true Easter so that the boys could know why it was a holiday, and the reason for the season.


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