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Saturday, April 15, 2017

Geese, Playgrounds, and Niagara Power Vista Fun

Thursday was another day full of adventures for me and the boys. We grabbed some day old bread and headed across the road to the creek to feed the geese and ducks! Pulling out into the road I saw a group of deer grazing across the creek.

There wasn't very many birds out so we put the bread away and headed to the playground at the park by the creek. The boys loved that of course!

Friday I had something really fun planned for our last outing--a trip to the Niagara Power Vista in Niagara Falls! It is north of the falls up the Niagara river where the power plant is. It is an awesome and educational facility that is very interactive for kids and the best part is that it's all FREE. We were there almost 2hr.

Looking south down the river....

Looking north up the river at one of the bridges to Canada.....

There was also a short 4d interactive ride to show the journey of water to electricity. Brad did that one twice!

Today I have been prepping for our little Easter feast tomorrow! The eggs are stuffed, baskets are filled, and food is coming together.


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