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Friday, March 3, 2017

Silver Creek House

I went to see this house today with Jacob. Nick had to stay home because he has been sick. It was huge and full of character. It needed work for sure, but not as much as the house we almost bought before!

6bd 4 bath
4,000 sqft
0.7 acre
Multi family
Built 1895

It was set up inside for 3 apartments. The rear of the second floor had a small second staircase that connected right by the kitchen. There was a staircase up to the full attic as well. There were 2 kitchens upstairs, no appliances.

The stairs to the basement were in the second full bathroom downstairs in the rear of the house by the back door.

The garage had also been converted to a small apartment but we did not go inside.

I liked the house a lot and loved the detail and character inside. However the major marks against it are the busy road that it is on, and the train that is a block away. That is just too much road noise for me to deal with for the rest of my life. I did like how close it was to Lake Erie, however the location and house need to be the whole package we are looking for.

The search continues!


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