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Monday, April 4, 2016

Around the House

For sale! If you follow me on Facebook then you already know that our house was listed for sale on March 23. We have had a ton of showings already, and one super low offer, but that's it. Story of our life! We have an amazing realtor this time so all we can do is hope for the best. We are dropping our price on Wednesday so maybe that will bring some serious people. Here is a link to look at the listing: --------click here---------

 To prepare our house we did a bunch more updates to it. First off was this broken old rickety hot tub that was useless even when we moved in 10 years ago! My brother cut it apart and removed it in pieces, then Nick and I leveled the ground and put simple patio pavers down.

 Next was the sliding patio doors in our master suite. They were old, dingy, janky, and very tedious to open. I wanted french doors with blinds built into the glass, but those cost twice as much as sliding doors so I compromised! The installer did an amazing job and was done in about an hour.

Another project was repainting the deck. We did this 3 years ago when we did our deck overhaul (here and here), but it was a thin coat of pain done with a sprayer so the weather did a number on the old wood and it need to be redone. This time we rolled it on and it looks (almost) good as new! And yes, I remembered the paint color--Port Wine :)

And this time I conformed to appease the masses by "staging" my home. I raided my mother's extra froo-froo stuff from her house and put away 80% of my stuff so that the buyer can picture themselves in our house blah blah blah.......Here is one little area:

I also added some simple wrap curtains along the ridiculously long picture window in our living room that looks out over the backyard. It contrasts with the white sheers and white walls, and pulls out the accent colors on the rug and pillows.

That's about all I have for now! The showings are keeping us on our toes, and yes it is super hard and inconvenient to keep your house spotless with two small children just so strangers can walk through it and judge it......


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