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Saturday, March 26, 2016

Cars: Dead, New, and Sold

Life has been full of transition for us! Some planned, some not so planned. I want to start off by saying my reliable little Suzy has passed on and will be joining the Fowler salvage yard soon. I bought her in 2008 when she was only 3 years old. She was the first car I ever financed, the first car that had a warranty, and the most fun one to drive for all 8 years that I had her. She was just under 160,000 miles and running great when out of the blue last Saturday she started making a knocking noise on my way to work. I called Nick and told him about it so he could check it out when I got home. He tinkered around and took it for a test drive with Jacob while I did yard work. Next thing I know, a strange truck pulled up in the driveway and out got Nick with Jacob in his carseat......I said "Where's my car?" Turns out the engine blew while he was driving and he had to abandon it to get home. Thankfully some nice people took pity on him walking down the road with a baby and brought him home. He went back later with his truck and towed it home.

There is no hope of fixing it. My plans were to drive it until we sold our house, then sell it and use that money to put down on a newer car after moving. Yeah.....that didn't happen. It kills me that it happened so quickly and now the car is worthless. We have a lot of memories in this car. We brought both of our babies home in it, countless drives in the country to see family, thousands of trips to and from work. I will truly miss her!

The next crisis was that I needed a car!! There was no way we were going to get by with one car and I would have to start looking immediately. We hit the dealerships Monday and found a great catch at Fowler Honda. I knew I wanted an import that was only a few years old, and I ended up choosing a '13 Honda Civic with low miles and warranty. I haven't decided on a name yet, but she's pretty fancy!

In other car news...we are saying goodbye to the '57 Chevy project car that has been in our garage for the last 2 1/2 years! We had good intentions of fully restoring it and selling it as a finished hot rod, but money and free time got tight so we settled on selling it as is and breaking even with our investment. After being relisted a few times on Ebay we sold it this week to a buyer in Texas who is picking it up soon.

We are very glad to see it move on so that we can focus our efforts on other things around the house. Plus the added garage space will be very nice! Our house is now for sale, but that's a post for another day....


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