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Friday, March 20, 2015

36 Week Update

I had my 9 month checkup today! We were a little nervous about this one because at our last US a month ago the baby was breech. My doc told me then that if he was still breech at this US then she would want to schedule me for a C-section. Well I had a feeling he would be turned around and I was right! He is head down, measuring at about 6 1/2lbs and doing fabulous! And even better, I am already dilated to 2cm!!!

I got another 3D pic of his face, and that is about all that we could get because he is so big now you can't really tell what you are looking at! All of his fingers and toes are accounted for, and he has chubby cheeks and a button nose just waiting to get kissed. Three weeks from tomorrow is my LAST day of work until I go on maternity leave. I have been picking up extra call and extra shifts to get every little bit of money saved for my time off.

As far as the nursery goes, we have made pretty good progress on that. One big thing I wanted to have done was a ceiling fan installed. That room was the only one that didn't have one, and we had put a little clip-on fan for Brad but I wanted a ceiling fan to cool both boys and to update it a little in there. It was the first time Nick installed one but he did great and it turned out really nice!

Although I am planning on breastfeeding, I have still requested free samples from formula companies. I remember with Brad I got several single-serving packets as well as high value coupons for tubs of formula. I was very glad to have these because my supply starting dwindling around 4 months and we ended up having to start supplementing. Well this time they not only sent me the packets, I also got 4 FULL SIZE tubs of formula for free! All of the expiration dates are good thru the middle of next year so even if I never need them, I could still donate them to someone.

 One of the only good things to come out of the "Affordable" insurance changes is that they now cover breast pumps! I ordered mine online and received it a few days later---absolutely NO cost to me. It is a Medela double electric pump and it is all mine.

We don't have a crib yet but I'm not too worried about it just yet. I plan on keeping baby in the pack n' play in our room at least for the first 6-8wks until he is sleeping mostly thru the night and won't disturb Brad too much. My coworkers are having a baby shower for me on the 29th and I look forward to celebrating with them! I have started prepping my cloth diapers and soon I will start washing all of the 0-3mo clothes that I have so they are ready for use.

The time is passing quickly now, and we are all very excited to welcome a new addition to the family! It is so nice not being all crazy nervous like we were when Bradley came. The second time around is much more chill and we know we survived it once, and can do it again!


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