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Saturday, November 15, 2014

The BIG Gender Reveal!

Let me start off by saying that almost everyone thought we were having a girl! On my poll here 66% of voters were for PINK, and at our gender reveal party Thursday evening there was a lot of pink shirts!

Thursday morning was our 4 month checkup and level II ultrasound. Brad went with us because he was VERY excited to see a live ultrasound, but we told the tech we didn't want him to hear the result. She wrote it on a piece of paper for us, so for the rest of the day Nick and I were the only ones who knew!

That evening we had a big gender reveal party for our close friends and family! Everyone was really excited and very anxious to find out the results. I invited everyone to wear the color of their guess, and there was a majority of pink! I of course wore blue because I preferred a boy :) I had blue food and pink food, and our big reveal was a black balloon with colored confetti in it. After everyone made a plate, we got the party started!

 ^Nick's best friend Terry and his girlfriend Meghan

 ^Me and my mumsy

 ^My SIL Sarah and my MIL Penny

 ^Me and my dad

Everyone counted down from 10, and Nick wielded a very large knife to pop the mystery balloon.....

 ^Cupcakes that my SIL Amy made for her guess. She chose wisely!

 ^Brad and his cousin Zoe

 ^Brad eating a reveal cupcake that I made

In the middle of running around to stores for the final party preparations, I organized a quick photo shoot with Brad to make our official gender reveal picture!! (Idea courtesy of Pinterest, of course). I posted this on Facebook during the party so it was a surprise to everyone at the same time!


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