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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

10 Week Checkup

Today marks the end of the "embryonic" phase and the beginning of the fetal stage. My first prenatal appt went well today and the heartbeat was around 160bpm. I was a bit disappointed there was no US but I will get one in 2 weeks for the NT test (nuchal translucency). From here until 26 weeks I will go in once per month for a checkup.

I am super happy to report that today is also my very LAST Progesterone shot! PIO (Progesterone in oil) is a lovely little thing that those who get IVF have to get as an IM shot until 10wk pregnant. It helps support the uterine lining until the placenta is big enough to take over. Last time I got lucky and after a few weeks the doc let me switch to a cream....this time the doc said NO NO.

Brad is still very excited about being a big brother and is always asking to look at pics of how big the baby is. I think he'll love being able to help out.

I have been looking up a lot of great ideas for DIY maternity clothes. I refuse to go out and buy all new shirts/pants to only wear for a few months. I've seem some ingenious ideas on ways to refashion thrifted shirts/dresses into maternity wear. I have a lot of things I want to sew in the next several months!

As for my belly, it is definitely showing much earlier than the first pregnancy. Last time I really didn't show until at least around 4-5mo. This time I have had a little bump since at least 6-7wks! My pants refuse to button so I made myself a belly band to extend their use as far as I can. I'm going to try to pull off a majority of skirt/dress/legging combos this winter and avoid uncomfortable jeans as much as possible.

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  1. Already crafty prego momma+pinterest=I am eagerly anticipating the awesome things you will create!


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