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Monday, August 18, 2014

A Concert and an Almost-Kindergartener

Last night my brother went with me to a Christian concert. It was a tour with several artists that is sponsored by the radio station Air1 that I listen to (and donate to). Each artist played about 5 songs and everyone did a great job. They include but are not limited to:


Rapture Ruckus

Royal Tailor

 Jonathan Thulin

Jamie Grace

Today I had to work but was able to get home just in the nick of time to take my little one to school for his meet-the-teacher night! He is starting all-day Kindergarten on Wednesday and is super excited about it.

His new classroom and just a couple doors down from his PreK room from last year and his teacher is Ms. Carruth. She seems pretty nice and gave us a packet of info for his first day. I know Brad will do great and learn so much. Nick and I think he could probably skip Kindergarten and go right to 1st grade!


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