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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Vacationing with Vinny!

 Who is Vinny? Well Vinny is the vintage trailer! I have to credit my mom for that name idea, and we feel like it fits pretty well! We bought it a couple of weeks ago (read about it here) and went on the hunt for an SUV shortly after. It took us a few days of searching but we finally found a nice used SUV that could tow our new toy! It is a 2005 Ford Explorer 4x4. It has 3rd row seating, towing package, 4 wheel drive, and is in great shape! Nick was pretty happy with all of the under-the-hood things so that is all that matters. Insurance on it is super cheap and it is nice knowing we have a 4x4 during bad weather.

Literally the day after we got the truck we headed out to Lake Thunderbird for our maiden voyage! We just had a short night trip there with the camper as a sort of test run to see how it towed, how comfy it was, what the campground was like, what we would want to bring for next time, etc.

 There were a few other campers there but they were the ginormous RVs that cost as much as my house. Each spot had it's own picnic table, grill, and fire pit! We parked and plugged in, then I commissioned Brad to help me collect sticks for the fire.

There were several trails so we went wondering around and looking at the lake until the sun went down.

 I got the fire going at dusk and we all sat around it roasting hotdogs and marshmallows until we ran out of sticks! Brad had a blast and was worn out by bedtime. He fell asleep in about 10 minutes! Nick and I stayed outside by the fire enjoying some quiet time in the dark for awhile longer.

 I did not anticipate the night temperatures being as cold as they were--we were freezing! Brad had a warm fleece blanket and slept soundly, but Nick and I just had a thin blanket and didn't get much sleep at all. We all woke up pretty early the next morning and started to pack up and head home after coffee. I had to work that next day, and Brad had to go to school so we weren't able to stay and enjoy the lake very long!

I found a cute little coffee pot just for the camper! I have been getting creative with storage tips and tricks for camping too.

We had a blast for our first family camping trip and of course Brad can't wait to go again. When the weather gets warmer and we can swim in the lake it will be much more fun.

We actually took the camper out again this week, but on a much longer trip--to my inlaws! They live in Foster, OK which is about 80 miles from where I live. The trailer hauled like a champ with no issues (despite 30mph wind gusts) and we parked right outside the house. They threw us an extension cord and made ourselves at home. We stayed inside chatting until bedtime then Nick and I retired to the camper. Brad insisted on sleeping inside with his favorite cousin. We stayed much warmer this time around and packed a better blanket! In the morning we headed inside for breakfast and coffee then headed home to unpack before school and work again. His parents loved having us overnight, and I'm sure we'll do it again soon!

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  1. That trailer is so cute! It looks like it will be loads of fun over the summer. Best of luck with your next round of IVF. You'll be in my thoughts!


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