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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Fun at the Lake with Family

My shift yesterday at work got cancelled because of a slow schedule so what did we do? Went camping! We packed up the trailer and headed out as soon as Brad got out of school. I had checked the forecast earlier that day and it was supposed to be clear, but we noticed dark clouds in the distance on our way to the lake. We tried a different camping ground that was a little more rustic but had a better view of the water. We saw some turkeys and deer on our way there.

I had invited my mom and stepdad to join us for a campfire dinner. They met us there shortly after we got the camp ground situated. Just a few minutes after they showed up we got hit with high winds and a thunderstorm! We jumped into the camper to ride it out, and I brewed some coffee to keep us warm :)

After several episodes of thinking the rain was over, then it started again, we were finally able to gather some sticks and make a campfire. The view of the water was pretty, as well as the storms in the distance.

We all roasted hotdogs and marshmallows and had a fun time sitting around the fire and enjoying nature. They headed home around 7 and we stayed by the fire enjoying the calm and cool evening. As the sun set I got Brad ready for bed. He passed out within a few minutes, then Nick and I stayed outside with a big fire to talk and star gaze.

The night was uneventful and we all got up around 7:30 for breakfast and coffee. We headed home around 9:30 and had time for lunch before Brad went to school.

We are already planning another camping trip down to Foster to boondock at my inlaws' house again on Saturday!

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