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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Super Easy Homemade Slice and Bake Cookies

 This isn't so much a "recipe" as it is a neat trick! My first time trying this turned out just as I imagined so I thought I would share it for anyone else out there interested in making homemade food a little easier.

First you take any of your favorite cookie recipes and double it. When it is all mixed up and ready to drop onto the cookie sheet you stop and divide it in half. Take a large piece of plastic wrap and plop one of the halves onto it. Then you fold the wrap over the mound and start to work it into a log shape. It will be very soft and squishy so just work with it until it is a log then cover it all up with the plastic wrap. Write the temperature and time that it needs to bake (and what kind of cookie it is!) then throw it in the freezer! It should look like this:

The roll I baked today had been frozen around 3 months and tasted just fine. I probably would not recommend freezing longer than 6 months for taste. When you are ready to bake, take it directly out of the freezer and unwrap it. While your oven is preheating you just slice it up into 1/2" thick rounds and place on a cookie sheet. You will need to bake it a few minutes longer than the original recipe (because they are frozen) so keep a close eye. Cool on a cookie sheet like normal and enjoy!!

 This is the perfect way to have cheap homemade cookies with almost ZERO effort. I have started doing this any time I make cookie dough. This batch pictured is peanut butter cookies, and I also have a log of chocolate chip cookies frozen. Homemade is best!


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