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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Life and Stuff

Things have been staying pretty busy around here. I am sooooo very glad our kitchen is done and everyone who has seen it in person just loves it. I am proud of the hard work we put into it! Now we can rest and enjoy the fruits of our labor--at least until our next project!

One big thing that is new is my job! No, I didn't change jobs, more like added on to it. I still work in the recovery room, but I have also started working a night shift in the ICU once a week. I do it for many reasons--extra hours, the experience, new environment, different routine. I did ICU at my old hospital for 5 1/2 years but I have been out of it for 2 1/2 years and was ready to ease myself back in. I don't have any intentions of relocating but I am keeping all doors open! It seemed like the manager of the ICU was happy to have someone with a lot of valuable experience among the new grads.

It is a little difficult switching from night shift to day shift but I would SO much rather stay up all night than have to get up before dawn and be gone all day. No thank you! This is also enabling me to FINALLY cut back on all of the call I take in the recovery room. For the last 3 years I have been taking up to 15 days per month of call--with most of those being weekends which are 24hr call days. Being on call for the recovery room basically means that I can get called in to work as many times as they need me, for as long or as little as they need. There have been days where I was called in 3 separate times! I drive about 50 miles roundtrip each time I go to work so that really adds up on my odometer and gas tank. I will happily pass the torch to all of the other nurses who want it! Starting next month, I am only signed up for 2 days of call :) I will have my life back!

I recently got a membership at a local gym with my mom (that was one of my birthday presents to her). We have been several times together and it is so much fun to work out next to each other! We can easily spend a hour and half trying out different machines and chit-chatting. They are opening a branch close to my house so I will be going with Nick occasionally also while Brad is in school.

We have gotten a few snow storms here in the last couple of weeks and the Pierces have really enjoyed it! Brad was very upset when his school got cancelled for 2 days, but he still had a great time playing in the snow and making snow angels. We drank hot cocoa, built a fire in the fireplace, and ate hot soup. We don't get very much winter weather around here so we enjoyed it while we could! My poor little chicken had to stay cooped up in our garage with a heating pad for almost 2 weeks because most of the nights were below freezing. Some nights had a windchill of below 0! It is warming up now and supposed to be in the 60s this weekend so the chicken is back outside and we are going to open our windows! Such crazy weather in Oklahoma.

In other news we are counting down to our big Europe trip! Only 3 more months!! I am very excited to go and can't wait to see all of the new places and people. I am a little intimidated since we won't have the comfort and security of a tour guide but I know we will be just fine.

Thank you for reading, and check back later!


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