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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Kitchen Remodel: COMPLETE! Before and After Pics + Total $ Spent/Saved

The moment of truth is finally here! Our DIY kitchen facelift is finished and it was a success! You can start at the beginning here and read about each step of the way. I am happy to share the official before and after pictures!




Here is everything we did:
  1. Removed old oven and stovetop and replaced with ceramic top range
  2. Installed custom cabinet where old oven was
  3. Installed custom shelves for cookbooks
  4. Replaced microwave
  5. Replaced fluorescent light over sink with pendant light
  6. Replaced all knobs and drawer pulls
  7. Rebuilt vent hood over range
  8. Painted and antiqued all cabinets and drawers
  9. Relaminated countertops
  10. Tiled backsplash
  11. New outlet covers
I think that about sums it up! Now for the best part--how much did we save? I will break down the cost of each step followed by a conservative estimate of how much it would cost for a contractor to have done it instead.

Step 1, 2, and 3: My new range was $379 (on sale + coupon) and we payed Nick's dad $300 to help us with the custom carpentry and electrical wiring. ((contractor estimate apprx $1500))
Step 4: New microwave $65
Step 5 and 6: Pendant light and knobs/drawer pulls found online for $75
Step 7: Free! Nick did it. ((New vent hood was $400))
Step 8: The paint kit we bought was $150 ((contractor paint estimate apprx $1000))
Step 9: New laminate and glue was $400 and we paid Nick's dad $200 to help us. ((contractor estimate to replace counters apprx $1000))
Step 10: Tile and supplies were $240 ((contractor estimate apprx $600))
Step 11: We spray painted the existing covers with bronze metallic paint for $5 ((New outlet covers $35))

Grand total for DIY =  $1,814

Total *conservative* estimate for contractor = $4,675

I can happily say we have an modern and updated kitchen now for LESS than $2000. Thank you for following along our latest project!


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  1. sweet! yal are such an inspiration! I now have the desire to spruce up my kitchen...:)


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