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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Homemade Pho and Spring Rolls

Today we ventured to the Asian market and picked up all kinds of treats! I got all of the goods to make sushi, spring rolls, and pho! For those unfamiliar with pho, it is a Vietnamese noodle soup that you can put chicken or beef in. I have made sushi before, but not the others. It all turned out delicious and my family loved it! Even my 4 year old who had never eaten pho or spring rolls.

The pho was pretty simple--I used a bouillon-type season cube to make 4 cups of broth. They typically use rice noodles in the soup but I subbed Ronzoni Smart Taste thin spaghetti take make it a bit more healthy. I cooked some strips of chicken breast with 5 Spice seasoning. I had all of this in the bowl with chopped green onions and poured the broth on top. We added a bit of hoisin sauce and bean sprouts to finish off the soup!!! It tasted exactly like the restaurant soup.

The spring rolls were a bit more involved but still pretty easy. It is the same concept as making egg rolls or burritos--you stuff them and wrap them up. For my stuffing I cooked some rice noodles and also used lettuce and the cooked seasoned chicken.

You soak the wrapper in a bowl of warm water for about 30 seconds for it to become soft and pliable. Then you gently take it off and shake off the excess water. Lay it on a plate and proceed to stuff it on one side with your ingredients. Then fold the wrapper tightly over your stuffing, roll and tuck keeping it wrapped tightly. Voila!

I did most with lettuce, rice noodles, and chicken but I also did some with avocado.

Everyone loved it and I was amazed at the replication of the restaurant flavor. Delicious!


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