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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Everything is Growing!

Happy 4th of July everyone! A big thank you to all of the servicemen (and women!) past and present who have served our country to give us the freedoms we have. Have a safe and fun holiday!
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First I need to backtrack a bit to my little guy who just turned 4. I never posted his growth stats so here they are!

Weight: 34lb
Height: 40 1/4"

At 4 years old you:

  • sleep from around 9pm-8am
  • either take a nap or have quiet time in your room from 3-6
  • still need a pullup at night for leaks
  • get dressed on your own every morning
  • know how to work the Roku (TV) and bring up your cartoons
  • love to play with other kids
  • are a great eater and love fruits/veggies!
  • wear size 8-9 shoe
  • can still wear some 2T shorts but are mostly in size 3T
  • have funny little quirks, like cleaning in between each toe when your feet are dirty
  • love to play outside and ride your tricycle
  • like to sing "Jingle Bells" and "Let it Snow" still!
  • are very excited about starting preschool in the fall
According to his pediatrician, he tested on the eye chart with 20/30 vision in the L eye, and 20/70 in the R. If he seems to have trouble in school with reading or vision then we may have to get him glasses! Otherwise he is in tip-top shape and no more shots until 6th grade.

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Every morning I sit out on my back patio to drink my coffee. All of my plants are in full bloom and thriving in this mild summer weather. Here is my view from my chair......

This shepherd's hook was a birthday present from my mom. It has a solar light on top and came with two hanging baskets for plants. I took those off for now and put up my bird feeders!

I am still rockin' the patio garden. My lovely tomato plant is doing great and I have already gotten several off of it that were delicious! A lot more are in the works.

This is my first attempt at zucchini (from seed) and so far they are doing well! I have a lot of yellow flowers but no fruit yet. Hopefully soon!

This lovely plant is my basil. I really need to start using it before the heat gets to it! It smells divine.


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  1. Great post! Bradley is growing up fast! Your backyard looks very inviting and very relaxing!!! All your hard work has really paid off!!!


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