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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Our Denver Getaway!

We had a fun little vacay this week to Denver, Colorado! It was a spontaneous trip based on a super cheap flight! We all 3 went and had a fun time checking out the sights. It was not Bradley's first flight, but he was too small to remember the previous ones. I'm sure he'll remember this one! He was a big boy and sat in his own seat.

We got into Denver Tuesday afternoon and picked up our rental car. Our hotel was amazing--close to the airport, easy access, huge beds, and a to-die-for breakfast that included cereal, muffins, donuts, bagels, waffles, biscuits/gravy, eggs, bacon, french toast, coffee and juice! WOW.

We ate at a local restaurant for dinner, then Wednesday we went on some excursions. We wanted to go to the US Mint but there were no open reservations. Instead we toured the Hammond candy factory and got some free candy samples. I picked up several sweet souvenirs for family as well!

 After that we headed into Boulder, CO and went thru the Celestial Seasonings tea shop. We wanted to tour the factory but no children under 5 were allowed so we just browsed the shop and sampled several teas.

That afternoon we made it to the infamous Casa Bonita for a very entertaining lunch! The food was average but the ambience was so worth. Brad had a blast and we spent over an hour just checking things out and playing games.

After that the boys were tuckered out so we rested the remainder of the day.

On Thursday we spent the afternoon driving west of Denver to check out the little towns and see the mountains. We stopped at several lookout points and got some great views!


Our last day was Friday and we ate lunch at a little diner then hung out at the airport after dropping off our rental car. Our flight home was delayed an hour so we got home around 8pm. As soon as we got home Nick headed out to Guthrie to pick up a '57 Chevy--but I will save that for another post!


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