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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Lots of Plans!

 Yay for my 400th blog! Thank you for reading.

Our return to Seattle is finally here! We leave tomorrow evening and are excited to get out of town for a few days. I went in to work early today and got off early so that we could all drive Brad down to his grandparents' for the weekend. He will have a blast playing with his cousin and getting spoiled. We will pick him up Tuesday evening after we get in.

This will be our first flight with Frontier Airlines. Hopefully it goes well because we have another trip with them booked for May! I found a great deal online that I could NOT pass up for a trip to Denver. For that trip we are taking our little one because the flights were so cheap! It is only a 1 1/2 hr flight with no layovers so I'm sure he will do fine. This will be Brad's first flight since we took him to Chicago when he was 1. I found a lovely hotel with free breakfast and internet, as well as an indoor heated pool and hot tub :)

We have had a few more showings on the house but still no offers yet. Our realtor said it should pick up after spring break. We are still not too worried about it--if it is meant to sell then we will get an offer!

We are still working on Plan B if we don't sell the house this summer. Earlier this week we went to the elementary school down the street to enroll Brad for preschool. We found out the "old" elementary school is now grades 3-5, and the BRAND new school right behind it is the Primary school for grades PreK-2. It is only two years old! That is the one that he would go to. There are 80 spots for PreK so they do a drawing for who gets a spot. We will find out April 1 if he is in.

In other news...I got all of my paperwork (and money) sent off for my application to be an RN in New York a couple of weeks ago. They said it could take up to 8 weeks for everything to go thru. I was a little worried because I had to trust 3 different places to fill out the appropriate forms and mail them all to the correct place in NY, and hope that everything came together under my file.

Long story short, I had some free time at work the other day so I decided to look online to see if I was listed as a licensed nurse in NY....and I was!!!!!! It said I became licensed as of March 4. I am super excited! I actually just got my official license and registration in the mail today. I don't have to renew it until Feb. 2016.

For our trip, our plans are pretty relaxed. We won't have any time to explore tomorrow--we land very late and I'm sure we will be exhausted. We are going to eat dinner in Denver at our layover, then just go to bed when we get to our hotel. Sunday we are planning on driving into Vancouver, Canada to check out the scenery! This will be our 3rd trip into Canada, but our first time driving there.

After that we will probably go into downtown Seattle back to Pike's Market for some snacks and souvenirs. We loved the market last time and wished we had more time there. On Monday we are driving south to see our family for a few hours, then after that we are heading west to the coastal town of Grayland to see a beautiful beach that we found last time. We leave very bright and early Tuesday morning and will be home Tuesday afternoon.

I know we will fall in love with Washington again because it is such a beautiful state. If only they were cheaper and had old Victorian houses! Next blog will have pics, so check back next week!


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