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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Up for Purchase

It has been a busy week here! On Monday, Feb. 4 we OFFICIALLY listed our house for sale! Here is the link to our listing -----)here

The very next day we had some one come look at it! The photographer didn't even come until Wednesday! We have had 3 more showings to total FOUR showings in the first week! I hope that is a good sign.


The yard doesn't look all that great since it is so dry and dead here. But the inside looks great! We have worked our behinds off to clean it from top to bottom and put away all of the clutter. That is not too easy with a three year old running around! Now we just have to keep that way until we sell it.

Our realtor is very sweet, and she feels that we have a great chance of getting a good offer within a few months. We signed a 6 month contract with her so if it does not sell by the beginning of August then we will take it off the market and wait another year. That way Brad can start preschool and not have to get interrupted for a big move.

We are hopefully--but cautiously--optimistic about getting an offer. We know we have done everything we possibly can to make it desirable. Right now we just have to wait for the perfect person to fall in love with it like we did! The good news is that our balance on the mortgage is less that I thought it would be, so if we get an offer on it close to what we are asking for it then we will get a good return on our investment! That money will go straight into the savings account until we buy our final house.

There are a million little things that will need to be done if and when we get an offer before we can move. Unfortunately nothing can get done right now until we have a time frame to be moving. Hurry up and wait!


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