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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

New Toys!

The past week we have gotten a couple new toys that we enjoyed trying out. The first is a Mossberg 12g shotgun that Nick feels we need for home defense. We loaded up on ammo and hit the gun range with my stepdad (an avid gun collector) to get familiar with it. It definitely packs a punch!

Yesterday a toy for the kitchen was delivered--an electric citrus juicer! There is nothing quite like the sweetness of fresh-squeezed orange juice. It has a cone for grapefruits and oranges, and one for lemons or limes. It holds 32oz and works like a charm!

We have a lot of family birthdays coming up soon. My mother's birthday was Sunday and I spent the whole weekend having fun with her! On Saturday I took her to a little French cafe for brunch and dessert, then we came back to my house for awhile where I gave her some presents--a coffee grinder and a bag of whole coffee beans. The next day I arranged for us all to meet at a diner in the city where I bought her and my stepdad dinner. On Monday we hung out at her house where I cooked lunch, then she watched Brad while we all went to the gun range. She cooked dinner for us while we were gone, then we all ate when we got back. Today my brother and SIL bought everyone lunch at a new steakhouse then we all came back to my house for coffee and chat. Whew!

My nephew Cameron's birthday is Sunday, my stepdad's birthday is Monday, then my dad's SIXTIETH birthday is next month! I think I already have presents and cards for everyone, I just need to wrap them.

In other news, I found out by chance today that the public schools in my area start taking applications for preschool in one week! I had no idea they did registration this early but I don't want to miss out on anything for Brad in case we are still here in the fall, so I guess we will all go up to the local elementary school soon to do paperwork. Luckily it is one of the best schools in this city and only 4 blocks away from our house! I just can't believe my little guy is going to be in school. It is a half-day class and we are going to do the afternoon one.

That's about it for now! I head back to work for the next few days, then our little vacay to Seattle is only 2 weeks from Saturday!


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