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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Bugs and Dinosaurs

 Today was a fun day! A museum here in Norman opened a new exhibit on bugs this weekend. Admission was free today so I invited my brother and his kids to go with us to check it out! We met there in the afternoon and let the kids run around checking out everything.

In addition to the bug displays, they also had the usual dinosaurs and such to see. The kids loved it all!

Brad just has a blast whenever he gets to hang out with the big kids. After we were done there, we all went to get ice cream together! Of course the kids loved that.

We got a lot more cleaning and house projects done today. The outside looks a bit awful because it is so dry and dead here. Whenever the weather gets consistently warm I am going to clean out the flowerbeds and plant a bunch of nice flowers around to brighten it up. I also have to plant grass because we can't even get that to grow on its own....


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