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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Painting and Cooking

We continued our project of painting paneling in our living room after our anniversary celebrations. Nick actually did all of the work by himself--and did a fabulous job! He taped around all of the woodwork, windows, and doors, and also finished replacing the black outlets with white ones to match. As of today, it is done!

There were several water spots and a lot of sun bleaching on the window sills here that he fixed up and made look good as new! We are just one step closer to our dreams with only a couple more little things to do that we will be working on this weekend...

My favorite coworker and I had a girls afternoon on Saturday after work. She took me to Whole Foods (my first time!) where we got lunch, then took our time browsing the aisles and sampling the food. I was inspired to finally try my hand at making my own sushi. It turns out she already had the nori (seaweed) and bamboo mat which she was happy to give to me, so all I had to get was the sushi rice and veggies! Don't worry--I don't like seafood so I omitted any fish :)

I made it today for the first time and I was very happy with the outcome! I didn't even use half the rice for one roll, so there is plenty left to make more. It isn't plain rice, you also add vinegar, sugar, and salt for flavoring before you make the rolls. I only put avocado and cucumber in mine--so delicious! Next time I might use a pinch less rice and a pinch more avocado. I read you can also use short grain brown rice so I may try that in the future. I am going to make some for my friend on Friday to see how she approves of it.


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  1. Both your house and the sushi look amazing! You can get brown sushi rice at the Cao Nguyen Asian Market, it's really good (and a lot cheaper than sushi rice anywhere else).


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