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Saturday, December 15, 2012

December Happenings

 Work, crafting, and outings with family and friends have kept me quite busy the last few weeks. I am happy to have a life full of things and people I love, but sad that the time flies so quickly! Here are some pics to share....

A few nights ago we all met my mom, stepdad, and brother in the city to see an extravagant light display. I can't imagine how much time it took to wrap each branch in lights!

Every few minutes the lights would flash different colors, then change completely.

This has been a very week at work. I have come in a couple hours earlier than my usual time each day, and we have had a very heavy workload since it is the end of the year. I guess everyone is getting their surgeries in before the holiday! Some days I almost need to wear a pair of roller skates to keep up! The doctors bought the whole department Mexican food on Thursday, then our boss got pizzas for us yesterday since we were too busy to break for lunches.

Last night was my work Christmas party at a little place called The Library downtown. It was very difficult to find and park (I usually avoid downtown at all costs) but we made it there and had a good time with drinks and friends! Brad had a blast playing with kids at his daycare and got to stay up late too.

Only a week and a half until Christmas! I can't wait to exchange gifts with family and spend time with the ones I love. I know Brad is very excited to see his cousins and play with new toys. I always get a little melancholy when another year comes to an end, but then I look forward to what a new year will bring for our family!

Keep the families affected by the school shooting in Connecticut in your prayers. The emotions must be overwhelming for them. I can only imagine how beyond devastated I would be if it were my child taken so cruelly.


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