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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas with the Pierce Family

I hope you all had a great Christmas with your loved ones! I am very thankful I did not have to work on the holiday this year. Christmas morning we all got up and opened presents in our pjs. Brad loved all of his gifts and of course dug into the chocolate first thing. We let him indulge since it was a special day.

Brad's main present was a big cardboard spaceship that he can color. He loves it! We dragged it upstairs to stay in his room.

When we were done, we all got dressed and headed to my mom's house for breakfast and lunch. It was raining in the morning outside but had switched to sleet when we were on our way there. Both of my brothers were there with their families and we all had a great time!


Around noon it started snowing so of course Brad had to go play in it! It didn't snow for very long and we definitely did not get the 6-10" that were forecasted but we were happy to have ANY snow on Christmas!

We left there around 2pm and came home in the snow just in time for Brad to take a nap and me to start cooking our big dinner! I love to cook and always try to make our own special dinner for the holidays. Nick helped me in the kitchen and the menu included turkey, mashed potatoes w/turkey gravy, corn, crescent rolls, cranberry sauce, sweet potato casserole, green bean casserole, stuffing, and cheesecake for dessert!

Nick's best friend Terry and my dad joined us for dinner and we built a big fire to enjoy while we hung out.

We had a busy but wonderful day filled with family and friends. The snow was our favorite present! I know Brad had a great time, and is still singing Christmas songs even though Christmas has passed. We aren't doing anything fancy for New Years except making snacks and opening a bottle of sparkling Moscato Rose! This will be our 10th New Year together and I hope we have many more.

My next post will be Brad's stats for turning 3 1/2!


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